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Traditional vs Online

Traditional vs Online It's no secret that traditional marketing and advertising is very expensive compared to online marketing. The explosive growth and exponential potential of the Internet for business is nothing short of a revolution. And with virtually free online marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization, blogs and social media marketing, the opportunities are endless.

  • In today’s world of advertising and marketing, a web site can be much more affordable and effective compared to traditional advertising methods such as print, magazines, newspapers or even Yellow Pages and other directories.

  • Many individuals and companies have slashed their traditional advertising budgets by having a successful web site and online marketing tools while gaining branding and market share at the same time.

  • Another major advantage of having a web site, is the tracking capabilities at your disposal, which can determine the cost of sales much easier than traditional advertising.

  • And as your business rapidly evolves over time, your web site can reflect these changes instantly without the usual absorbitant costs of traditional advertising.

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