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Online Marketing requires a multi-faceted approach these days. It cannot be all about search engine marketing. In fact, search engine marketing has become synonymous with social media marketing and vice versa. The advantage with social media marketing is that it doesn’t require as much of a technical background, just some marketing prowess and writing skills.

Search engines pay attention to the consistency of your social media activities so if you can dedicate just one or two hours a week to it, you’ll be well ahead of most of your competitors. Simply posting short, brief articles, announcements, news, product releases, etc. on your company’s Web Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts will serve you well.

Social Media Marketing Considerations

Social Media Marketing Okay, most of you don’t have the time to manage social media. But maybe you have a close relative in the family or a friend who can do it for you. At the very least, you should consistently maintain a Google Plus account. But if it’s still not possible, you can turn to us to do it for you. For a nominal monthly fee, we will professionally manage all your social media accounts.

Here are some of the Social Media Marketing services we provide:

  • Set up of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts
  • Posting Content to all your Social Media Accounts
  • Set Up and posting articles to your Wordpress Blog
  • Engaging people to Follow your Social Media Accounts
  • Integrating all Social Media Links to your Website

Whether you are a small company, an individual, or a large company, we possess the talent and expertise to implement a robust online marketing strategy that will bolster your website’s presence and visits.
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